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This page is made in el Camp. A place surrounded with sea, with plain and with mountains. The sea Mediterranean, Prades, the Montsant, Reus, Tarragona, Valls, les Muntanyes de Prades. We are from Catalonia, a small country in the west of the Sea Mediterranean in the south of the Pirineus. With an own language, the Catalan; a culture and common society, els Països Catalans. This existing language, the Catalan, since the Medium age, we are a millennial country. From 1714 we lost our freedom. Philip V of Borbon attempted to end with our country and our culture. We, the Catalans, resisted us, but finally we fell down tame entity of the Spanish king. Since this moment a uniform and repressive State was created. In the 19th century the Catalan culture re-appeared, but there was not a strong political catalanism yet. At the beginning of the 20th century there was a strong resorgiment of the catalanism and of the fight for our rights as some country.

In 1931 the Second Republic was proclaimed, it was a small hope to arrive at the national and social rights. During this period |it made itself to advance quite a lot. But in 1936, Franciso Franco Bahamonde made a coup anti-revolution against the legitimate Republic; according to their side, the rebels, he was separatist, communist and atheist to avoid the danger. During the Civil War, there were two sides, the republican and the rebels. One struggled for the democracy and social progress; others for a joined Spain and for the interesos of the people with diners.Al 1936 finished the Civil War where there were a lot of blood and injustices. Since the year 1939 until 1975 it governed F. Franco, it was a fascist, repressive and very bad dictatorship for the population. In 1975 the process of transition to the democracy started. At the beginning of the 21st century, we are still a country oppressed, with an oppressed working class, and with Spanish fascists who say lies and are positioned against what is Catalan or of socialist. At the beginning of the 20th century, we still have to struggle for the liberation social and of our country.

In this page you can find information related with the mountain and their modalities: BTT, hiking, climbing, the shelters... You look at the photos that there are, they are magnificent. You can be briefed on the section of news. You read the section of politics, you will find a reasoning about the independence of els Països Catalans and the motives of opposition to the capitalism. There is one another delivery that treats the music. One of the best sections is that of History and History of the Art, you will find numerous historical information; I recommend it you, enter. If you like the poetics, read the poems. If you want to go on a trip or to make an excursion, consult the weather forecast. Also there are a series of very useful and interesting links.

If you are young, or not so young; but these subjects interest you, you already know you enter in bikerbaixcamp.

Independence and Socialism!